The Official US Army Operations Handbook: Current, Full-Size Edition
The Theory & Practice of Large-Scale Combat Operations - FM 3-0 (Carlile Military Library)
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As the United States Army faces potential operational environments significantly more dangerous than those of Iraq and Afghanistan, it is more critical than ever to prepare for large-scale ground combat operations with speed and stringency.

This newly-updated book provides the doctrine for that preparation, and is a fascinating insight for Soldiers and civilians alike into the steps that the Army, the joint force, and the nation as a whole must take to adjust to new realities of technology, extremist ideologies, and resurgent global competitors and adversaries such as Russia, China and North Korea.

Operations provides the structural approach for our theater armies, corps, divisions and brigades to address the challenges of shaping operational environments, preventing conflict, prevailing during large-scale ground combat, and consolidating gains to follow through on tactical success. It is about how we deter adversaries and fight a peer threat today, with today's forces and today's capabilities.

As such, Operations is a vital book for leaders within the Army and joint force, and also for leaders and entrepreneurs in all industries where planning for conflict with competitors of all sizes - including those with greater resources than one's own - is a key task.

Two chapters describe operations to defeat enemy subversion of U.S. partners (such as Japan, Taiwan and South Korea) - fundamental to avoiding war. Three chapters describe operations to defeat enemies on the battlefield - fundamental to winning wars. The final chapter describes operations necessary to ensure enduring outcomes - fundamental to achieving the ultimate strategic goals of promoting liberty, democracy, and an environment in which American interests and values may continue to flourish.


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