Train to Win in a Complex World: The Official US Army Guide to Training Development
Current, Full-Size Edition - FM 7-0 (TC 25-10)
US Army
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Whatever your position in your organization, if you are a leader or manager you are necessarily also a trainer - and you need to know how to develop training programs and materials in a way that your subordinates can understand and from which they can measurably benefit.

This book demonstrates how the United States Army conducts unit training, based on many decades of management experience. The Army trains to win in a complex world: to fight and win in a chaotic, ambiguous and convoluted environment, the Army conducts tough, realistic and challenging training, all the time - at home station, at combat training centers, and while deployed.

Army forces face threats including insurgents, terrorists and criminals, often with access to advanced and deadly weapons systems. Training Soldiers to deal with these threats is the Army's most fundamental activity. Training is the cornerstone of readiness, and readiness determines our nation's ability to fight and win in a complex global environment. Whatever organization you represent, within the Army or elsewhere, the lessons learned from worldwide combat experience and contained in this book will enable you to create stellar training programs for your command group.

While this book is primarily directed at Army Leaders, it is also a key resource for managers and trainers from all industries in determining optimal and effective strategies and tactics for creating effective educational programs and culture.


Current edition note: this publication supersedes the old TC 3-22.20 and FM 21-20.

  • Full-size edition - LARGE 8.5" x 11" FORMAT: clear, detailed text & illustrations.
  • Current, up-to-date edition.
  • 180+ pages, complete & unabridged.
  • Created & trusted by the experts of the United States Army - the most experienced training organization in the world.
  • Essential reading for every leader and trainer!
  • "Batteries last hours, books last decades. Get the print edition!"

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