The Official CIA Interrogation & Manipulation Manual
The Cold War KUBARK Files - Updated 2014 Release, Full-Size Edition, Newly Indexed with Glossary
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  • Official C.I.A. declassified material.
  • New introduction, glossary & updated index.
  • Full-size 8.5"x11" format.
  • IMPORTANT: this manual was first released under the Freedom of Information Act in 1997, heavily redacted. It was released again in 2014, with a large amount of additional newly-declassified material. Unlike older versions available, which contain only the 1997 content, this edition effectively contains both versions: the newly-released 2014 material is printed in bold text. Get the full version!
  • Newly-digitized text: large, clear print - NOT a cheap scanned copy!
  • "Batteries last hours, books last decades: get the print edition!"

Extracting actionable intelligence from an uncooperative suspect is a subject fraught with difficulty. When the stakes are as high as those of anti-Soviet counterintelligence investigations of the Cold War, those difficulties multiply.

This unique, now-declassified manual makes an unflinching and in-depth examination of the techniques of the CIA interrogator tasked with tracking down and exposing moles, sleepers, double-agents and more. It equips the reader with the tools to "read", question, influence, manipulate and eventually break even the most recalcitrant subject - and the ability to recognize when these powerful techniques are used against you!

"Its treatment of the human dynamic between interrogator and interrogatee, and the fundamentals of the counterintelligence mindset, are evergreen and highly instructive. Far from being a historical document only, this is a profitable read for anyone who wishes to better-understand the strategy, tactics, and interplay of the battle for possession of knowledge played out between investigator and suspect.

Moreover, its frank treatment of 'coercive' techniques is a unique and salutary education in the ways of intelligence operatives and secret police around the world - in particular, those of countries ruled by repressive regimes whose representatives may not observe the 'profound moral objection[s]” the book describes." - From the Publisher's Introduction.

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