Carrying a Gun
Build a Safer World Through Concealed Carry and Self-Defense
Nick Dahlberg, Tom Dahlberg, Chris Schutrop, Rick Carlile, Joshua Flom
Paperback Book
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The indispensable, foundational guide to defending yourself and your loved ones with a firearm, covering the philosophy, psychology, politics and practicalities of concealed carry.

  • Written by experienced firearms instructors and founders of concealed carry organizations who have trained thousands of people to become safe, responsible concealed carriers.
  • Clear, unambiguous perspective and advice that equips you to defeat any aggressor - and survive the legal aftermath.
  • Full-size 8"x10" format with large, clear print and illustrations.
  • Ideal for anyone considering owning or carrying a defensive firearm.


It's a dangerous world - make no mistake. But should you carry a gun? What does carrying a concealed firearm - day in, day out - really mean: to you, to your family, to your community?

Under stress, could you assume the correct stance, control your breathing, draw your weapon smoothly, grip it firmly, bring it up to aim, and squeeze the trigger as many times as necessary... Calm in the knowledge you were fully justified, and well-prepared for the outcome of your defensive actions?

Unlike any other book, CARRYING A GUN dives into the true fundamentals of what going armed really means to you: the law-abiding citizen dealing with the fact that we live among predators.

Starting with the philosophy of self-defense, the authors ask and answer core questions about the nature of violence, justice, morality, culture, tradition, rights and responsibilities. Familiarity with the answers to these questions will enable you to defend yourself not only in the court of public opinion but on the street: to act quickly, decisively and with ruthless effect when seconds count.

Continuing with the psychology of self-defense, CARRYING A GUN lays out what to expect before, during and after a threat. Those who have been in combat know there is nothing like it in human experience: being prepared for what you will feel in the pivotal moment of fight or flight can make the difference between life and death.

CARRYING A GUN goes on to calmly, rationally and authoritatively discuss and illustrate the vital practical elements of the choices you will need to make as one who has decided to protect themselves and others from a violent world by possessing the means and the will to deal deadly violence. Which caliber? Which gun? Which method of carry? How to assess a threat? How to remove the threat? What to do in the aftermath? How to defend one's home? How to do all this within the letter and the spirit of the law?

No book can give you the ability and experience to shoot straight under pressure: that is what real-world training is for. CARRYING A GUN prepares you for that training, endowing you with the key knowledge that ensures you will use your training well and wisely - and that you will be the one who walks away from any violent encounter alive, with your head held high.

About the Authors

Nick Dahlberg and Chris Schutrop own Midwest Carry Academy and National Carry Academy, two training organizations that get people qualified for their concealed carry permits and more. They have many years of experience in firearms training, having made thousands of people more proficient with their handguns and black rifles.

They are also the founders of Stock and Barrel, a firm which builds and manages luxury shooting ranges. Stock and Barrel ranges are open to the public in Chanhassen, MN and Eagan, MN.

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