The Marine Semi-Auto Combat Shotgun Technical Manual
The Complete Benelli M1014/M4 Operations, Maintenance & Repair Guide - Full Size Edition (TM 10698A-23B&P/2)
US Marine Corps
Paperback Book
Carlile Military Library
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  • Full-size format: 8.5" x 11" - clear, detailed print and illustrations!
  • Complete & unabridged: 106 pages, 104 illustrations.
  • Created & trusted by the U.S. Marine Corps' expert armorers.
  • The indispensable guide for every military, law enforcement, home defense and sporting Benelli semi-auto operator.
  • "Batteries last hours, books last decades. Get the print edition!"

Despite the constant evolution of ever-more-modern weapons systems the 12-gauge combat shotgun remains a favorite of infantry and special forces units around the world, particularly valued for its effectiveness in close-quarters battle.

Since 1999 the United States Marine Corps has employed the semi-automatic Benelli M1014 (also known as the M4 Super 90) as its shotgun of choice. This durable and reliable weapon enables the Marine to deliver a devastatingly high rate of accurate fire, and replaces various pump-action predecesors.

Produced by the Marine Corps and written from hands-on experience in the field, this technical manual provides the operator and armorer with all the information and education required to keep this remarkable firearm in peak working order for the foreseeable future.

106 PAGES, 104 ILLUSTRATIONS — COVERING: Safety — Corrosion Prevention & Control — Equipment Description — Ammunition — Funtional Description — Field Stripping — Inspection — Cleaning & Lubrication — Storage & Shipping — Scheduled & Preventative Maintenance — Troubleshooting — Corrective Maintenance — Complete Disassembly & Assembly — Repair Parts & Special Tools

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