The Marine Special Operations Physical Fitness Training Guide
Get Marine Fit in 10 Weeks - Current, Pocket-size Edition
US Marine Corps
Paperback Book
Carlile Military Library
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  • Current version - complete and unabridged.
  • POCKET / TRAVEL EDITION: take it anywhere, have it when you need it.
  • LIFE-CHANGING WORKOUT PROGRAM suitable for any environment.
  • Created and trusted by the Marines' experts to create a high level of physical capability within a specific time period - ideal for anyone with physical ability / stamina / weight loss / sports fitness goals.
  • "Batteries last hours, books last decades. Get the print edition!"
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Created by the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), this guidebook details a 10-week calisthenic exercise program designed to prepare you for MARSOC Assessment and Selection (A&S). Using primarily body-weight exercises, the program requires very little equipment or expense and can be performed by anyone, in any environment.

This course will give you the physical conditioning, mental focus and unconquerable spirit required by the USMC's elite unit to persevere under the extreme stress of a high operational tempo and through the unknowns of asymmetric warfare.

This fitness program focuses on improving physical performance through exercise and nutrition. It provides photographs and descriptions of exercises used at MARSOC, and is designed to prepare candidates for the physical aspects of A&S. Upon arriving at A&S, candidates are expected to have completed this 10-week program.

  1. MOVEMENT PREPARATION: a warm-up that prepares your body for movement, training, and performance. It boosts your heart rate, increases blood flow to the muscles, and elevates your core temperature.
  2. CALISTHENICS: exercises designed to develop muscular tone and promote physical well-being, relying heavily on body weight with minimal equipment requirements.
  3. POST-WORKOUT REGENERATION: activities that increase the body’s ability to recover faster, in order to maximize the gains achieved through performance training.
  4. NUTRITION, HYDRATION, FOOT CARE AND RECOVERY: guidelines that help you select the right foods and beverages for optimum physical performance.

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