Operational Terms and Military Symbols: US Army ADP 1-02
The Language of Army Terminology, Acronyms and Symbology: Current, Full-Size Edition - Giant 8.5" x 11" Format - Official US Army ADP/ADRP Series
US Army
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  • Current edition ADP 1-02, big 8.5" x 11" format - large, clear text & illustrations.
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Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) 1-02 provides foundational doctrine for establishing and using Army terms, acronyms, and symbols. It discusses how a common language is essential to the effective conduct of military operations. It describes how doctrinal terms and symbols enhance communication among military professionals and ensure a common understanding of doctrinal principles. ADP 1-02 addresses why terms and symbols are important.

A common set of doctrinal terms and military symbols is one of the most important elements in a military force’s ability to communicate when conducting operations; the force cannot function effectively without it. Terms and symbols can communicate a great deal of information with a simple word, phrase, or image. Each time a term or symbol is used, it helps eliminate the need for a lengthy explanation of a complex idea. For example, when a unit leader tells Soldiers to conduct a zone reconnaissance, they know exactly what they must accomplish.

This publication begins by discussing the professional language of land warfare. It then discusses terminology, followed by acronyms and abbreviations. It concludes by discussing the role of symbology in relation to doctrine. This is tied together by their importance in conducting military operations.

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