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The central idea of an army is known as its doctrine, which to be sound must be based on the principles of war, and which to be effective must be elastic enough to admit of mutation in accordance with change in circumstances. In its ultimate relationship to the human understanding this central idea or doctrine is nothing else than common sense—that is, action adapted to circumstances.
J. F. C. Fuller
The Foundations of the Science of War

Every profession develops a unique body of knowledge. For the Army Profession, this body of professional knowledge is doctrine. United States Army doctrine is about the conduct of operations by Army forces in the field (and to a limited extent the guidelines for training for operations). Doctrine is the body of professional knowledge that guides how Soldiers perform tasks related to the Army’s role: the employment of landpower in a distinctly American context.

Doctrine establishes the language of the profession. Just as physicians must remain proficient and current regarding the body of medical knowledge, Army professionals must remain proficient and current in doctrine. The lives of the men and women who make up the Army—not to mention the security of the state—rely on all Soldiers and leaders to be proficient in the Army’s body of professional knowledge: doctrine.

Doctrine is dynamic and changing based on lessons learned in current operations and training, adaptive enemies, and changes in force structure, technology, and social values. This publication provides the basic information necessary to understand Army doctrine and the ways it changes. It clarifies why various constructs exist and how they all fit together. It is a guide for professionals about the language of the profession.

Soldiers, leaders, and anyone wishing to understand the functionality of the U.S. Army must understand what Army doctrine is, what its purpose is, how it is organized, and why the information in doctrine is important. The precursor to this understanding is a definitive text on the why of Army doctrine - a doctrine primer.

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