Make the Most of the Game – the Scrabble Player's Companion!
Score Sheets, Strategy, Tactics, High-Power Words, and Much More
Rick Carlile
Paperback Book
UOL Mind
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Beloved by millions, Scrabble brings people together like no other pastime. Families and friends create happy memories over the Scrabble board every year, relishing the game’s wonderful combination of skill, luck, the love of language, and friendly competition.

This unique book is a repository for those delightful memories, letting you record your enjoyment of the games you play. It is also a seriously powerful training guide, which will turbocharge your Scrabble ability. Every part of it is designed to maximize the value, pleasure, and fun you get from the game for years to come!

Created by Rick Carlile, author of the phenomenally successful Scrabble book "The Dictionary of Two-Letter Words," this book truly lets you make the most of the game. In fact, it's the book that should be in every Scrabble game box! It gives you:

  • One hundred and one score sheets, designed for family games, for you to complete as you play and look back on in the future.
  • Strategic and tactical tips to improve your game, ranging from essential advice to tournament-level finesse.
  • Dozens of surprising, useful words you can play to astonish your opponents, including fascinating definitions and details of how to build them onto other words.
  • Facts and trivia about the game and its history.
  • A full explanation of the rules of the game, answering many frequently asked questions.
  • A lexicon of Scrabble jargon.
  • Complete lists of all the words you need to memorize to become a champion, all in one place: two-letter words, three-letter words, high-value words, "vowel dump" and "consonant dump" words, and – for the seriously competitive player – dozens of "bingo stem" alphagrams.
  • Language humor in the form of "New Definitions" photo-collage cartoons.
  • Fifteen games of "Rumpus" – a new Scrabble training crossword game.


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