The Official US Marine Corps Campaigning Handbook: Large Format (USMC MCDP 1-2)
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"No plan of battle survives contact with the enemy," wrote German strategist Helmuth von Moltke. Thus, the operational level is where lofty strategic goals hit the dirt of the real world, and where where wars are won or lost on their fighters' ability to conceive, focus upon and exploit a variety of tactical actions to achieve a strategic aim, all the while bearing changing realities in mind.

It is essential for each Marine of every rank to think operationally. Campaigning addresses this operational level, providing the doctrinal basis for military campaigning in the Marine Corps, particularly as it pertains to a Marine commander or warfighter within a Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) participating in the campaign.

Campaigning also promises a rewardingly valuable experience for readers of all backgrounds who wish to discover and apply these hard-won lessons of proven battlefield success to their own lives.


Tactical success in combat does not of itself guarantee victory in war. What matters ultimately in war is STRATEGIC SUCCESS: attainment of our political aims and the protection of our national interests. The operational level of war provides the linkage between tactics and strategy. With that thought as our point of departure, this publication discusses the intermediate, operational level of war and the military campaign which is the vehicle for organizing tactical actions to achieve strategic objectives.

This publication makes frequent use of historical examples. These examples are intended to illustrate teachings that have universal relevance and enduring applicability. No matter what the scope and nature of the next mission—general war or military operations other than war—the concepts and the thought processes described in this publication will apply.

This publication is designed primarily for Marine Air-Ground Task Force commanders and their staffs and for officers serving on joint and combined staffs. However, commanders at all levels of any military organization require a broad perspective, an understanding of the interrelationships among the levels of war, and knowledge of the methods for devising and executing progressive series of actions in pursuit of a distant objective in the face of hostile resistance. Marine officers of any grade and specialty can easily find themselves working—either directly or indirectly—for senior leaders with strategic or operational responsibilities. Those leaders need subordinates who understand their problems and their intentions. Therefore, as with MCDP 1*, I expect all officers to read and reread this publication, understand its message, and apply it. C.C. KRULAK: GENERAL, U.S. MARINE CORPS; COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPS

* Warfighting: ISBN 1973705990

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