The Mind of Adam Smith Part 1: The Theory of Moral Sentiments
Newly Indexed and Illustrated with Scenes of the Scottish Enlightenment
Adam Smith
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Understand the mind that created The Wealth of Nations.

In Adam Smith's first major work, he comprehensively explores morality and what it means to be a good person, through sympathetic examination of ethics, virtue, liberty, individual rights, and much more.

First published in 1759, it remains tremendously relevant and valuable today, not only on its own merits as a readable and thorough exploration of human nature but as a priceless insight into the philosophical foundation on which the bible of economics, The Wealth of Nations, was built.

This University of Life edition is newly indexed, and illustrated with scenes of the Scottish Englightenment.

This is not a facsimille edition or a low-quality reprint; it has been newly typeset for a modern audience, at a large text size, for your reading pleasure. Note that this heirloom-quality edition is over four hundred pages long, whereas other, low-quality editions are around three hundred pages, due to their small, uncomfortable text sizes.

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