The Dictionary of Two-Letter Words
The Scrabble player's secret weapon!
Master the building-blocks of the game with memorable definitions of all 127 words!
Number 1 U.S.A. Best Selling Unofficial Scrabble Book


Two-letter words are not only the basic building-blocks of Scrabble, they are the anchor-points upon which our most fantastic and high-scoring words depend. Creating words from our available tiles is only half the battle: fitting them into the existing words on the board is if anything the trickier part of the game.

The competitive Scrabble player must therefore develop a knowledge of and facility with these elusive two-letter words. There is simply no other way to take full advantage of the opportunities of the game. When you possess such an easy familiarity, your opponents will wonder how you are able to dominate the board and place your words with such apparent ease! This book gives you:

  • Explanatory definitions of every allowed two-letter word, including interesting background facts and/or memorable etymological notes.
  • A mnemonic phrase after each definition, designed to encourage prompt recall by lodging the word in your memory, connected to a well-known saying, pun or mental image.
  • Plural forms for all words, where applicable.
  • Full reference word-lists arranged by starting and ending letters, which can assist memorization by repetition.
  • Margin space for you to add your own phrases, drawings, etc.
  • Pages for your own notes - also useful for writing in any new words to be added to the list in future.

Note: Two-letter words that are present in Collins Scrabble Words but not in the NASPA Word List are marked as such, as are plurals.

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