The Dictionary of 1980s Slang The Dictionary of 1980s Slang
  • Ideal for any '80s kid, and anyone who wants to discover what made the '80s great!
  • From the author of the USA #1 best-selling (unofficial) Scrabble book "The Dictionary of Two-Letter Words."
  • Packed with over 800 scrupulously-researched entries.
  • Over 500 citations from '80s movies, music and books.
  • Incisive, humorous definitions examining etymology, history, and more.
  • Numerous explanatory illustrations.
  • Bonus! Cut-out-and-play yuppie simulator card game.

The 1980s: a decade of uplifting energy, exhilarating confidence, raw power, and uncompromising style. A decade of Armani-wearing, slicked-back dudes and power-dressing, big-haired babes zooming down open highways in sports cars, breakdancers gyrating to the sounds of the boombox, neon-clad skaters and BMXers soaring through the skies in a sparkling, endless Californian heatwave.

It was the decade hip hop and new wave went mainstream, home computing planted the seed of the Information Age, and a flood of electrifying movies and music intoxicated the world with glorious visions of the chrome-plated American Dream.

And the language! Every ’80s movement developed its own vibrant, eloquent, often hilarious slang - and the mass media machine turbocharged it into the popular imagination.

This bright, witty dictionary is no dry lexicon - it's a fresh, zesty expedition into the soul of a vigorous age. You can dip in at random, read it cover-to-cover, or surf from one cross-reference to another in a radical journey of linguistic exploration. However you approach this unique book, you will find yourself reliving an era of limitless optimism and opportunity - or discovering it for the first time!

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